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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Well, I'd be quick to say there's a lot of knowledge about basketball to be had out there, and it doesn't all contribute to one's ability to coach. Further, one's coaching ability is not always directly related to how much a person may know about all aspects of basketball. For instance, this site mostly seems to contain discussion about NBA basketball - who's better than who, who's getting traded where, how neat a dunk was the night before, who the 6th Man of the Year was in 1989. I love that aspect of basketball and I wouldn't hold it against folks if that's the basketball they knew while remaining relatively inexperienced in the coaching world.

Coaching, particularly below the college level, is a craft in itself. I felt very confident in my basketball knowledge when I began my coaching career. However, coaching seems to be equal parts basketball knowledge and teaching skills. So again, a truly knowledgeable basketball follower won't necessarily be a good coach by default. As I've picked up about eight years of mid-level (sub-college) coaching experience, I can now watch the rookie coaches making the same mistakes I did, in spite of their vast college playing experiences and whatnot. Basically, knowing about something is just half the battle. Conveying that knowledge in an effective manner is the tough part. I still consider myself rather unseasoned as a coach to this point. I've got a long way to go if I continue my path.

On top of everything else, this is a relatively broad thread topic, so I wouldn't expect everyone to come in and just begin spewing basketball strategy left and right. I'm sure if someone provides another jump start (ex: What kind of drills would you best suggest for in-season conditioning maintenance?) there'd be more and more contributions.

Speaking of which, truly, what drills do you guys suggest for in-season conditioning maintenance? My mini-Rip Hamilton-built little brother has somehow managed to gain bad weight over the course of his season this year. He must change his diet. However, I'm also thinking practices may be a little too lacking in proper conditioning. Anything you guys do to improve your player's stamina in the day or two they get in between games without wearing them out?

What I'm simply saying is, some posters on here like dmavs, and hurricanekid, who've been on here boasting about how they have some much supposed superior basketball knowledge, cuz they've supposedly coached or played either college or high school basketball. Now a topic like this is posted, and neither of them have even bothered to comment in it, while posting in other topics. So, it's not like they haven't seen this one, it's more like they're avoiding it for some reason. And that reason is most likely that they're lying about their supposed credentials in reference to basketball and don't want to post in this topic for fear of being exposed as a fraud. I have much respect for people that have the actual knowledge of the game, and zero respect for know nothing about anything internet geeks who have to come online and lie to make themselves look like big shots.
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