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Default Re: Blake Griffin throws down best NBA dunk of year on Kendrick Perkins Jan. 30, 2012

Originally Posted by bsyde82
I don't understand how anyone who watched Vince in his prime could be THIS impressed by any other dunk.

People always mention the Weis or Zo (albeit one of my faves) dunks, but man, he had like a million in game dunks that were just nasty beyond belief. The only elite dunker to bring it all to the table: grace, power, control, creativity and that nastiness.

I think back to his first dunk contest dunk...he did it so effortlessly, so effortlessly that I think a lot of people overlook how incredible that dunk really was. I don't think there's another player in the history of the league that could've done that.
I suppose it depends what you mean by "THIS impressed". Vince's endless array of spectacular in-game dunks is incredible. You mention the grace, power, control, creativity and nastiness aspects and I think you're right on all regards. Some dunkers just have it all. And while Carter had it all Griffin might at least be in the same general region/area code. I'll say this, I haven't been this intent on seeing a single player's highlights night in and night out since VC's '99-'07 reign.

And slightly off topic, regarding VC's first dunk in 2000, I think Paul George very well helps illustrate the point of while some folks may be able to imitate a player's dunks, it's quite another to duplicate them. Certain players are just able to handle themselves in the air with such grace. Look at George's 360 vs. VC's (5 Second Mark):

And to be sure, the above clip isn't a dig on George. He's a great dunker. It's just helping illustrate that performing a dunk isn't as simple as completing the minimal task i.e. one player's 360 will differ from another's based on a significant number of factors. People have dunked on center's faces before, but Griffin's style is particularly eye-popping.
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