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Default Re: Blake Griffin does not plan to defend his slam dunk championship

I don't have a problem with Blake winning it last year, but it did remind me of the Academy Awards. You know how they'll give an award to an actor because he was snubbed for his prior, better roles? Like Pacino getting an award for Scent of a Woman but not The Godfather or Dog Day Afternoon. Not that Blake was snubbed, but it seemed more like they were rewarding his SEASON of great dunks (like the Mozgov) and not really any that he did at the contest.

Also, the Kia dunk was a great gimmick and instantly iconic, and I think the only people who aren't that impressed by it are hardcore basketball fans. The general public was understandably wowed by it, because people around the watercooler are going to talk about "he dunked over a car" more than any other, technically better dunk.
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