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Default Re: Blake Griffin does not plan to defend his slam dunk championship

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
Also, the Kia dunk was a great gimmick and instantly iconic, and I think the only people who aren't that impressed by it are hardcore basketball fans. The general public was understandably wowed by it, because people around the watercooler are going to talk about "he dunked over a car" more than any other, technically better dunk.
Not to be overly critical, but I was ready to be impressed when I saw the car rolling out. The choir crushed my spirit a little bit. And the whole "coach" thing killed me inside. Still, I was ready for something next level. Maybe I was waiting for him to jump over the middle of the car. Or maybe I was expecting him to finish with something besides a routine two hand dunk. I was just expecting more, period. At it's core, it was a two hand alley oop where he kicked his legs behind a little bit, and that was disappointing.

Still, as Vinsane said, I'd definitely be interested to see if he had anything new or fresh in the bag. It's tough to not want to see more of that guy's arsenal. Maybe he exhausted everything he had last year. But then again, maybe not. I wouldn't mind finding out.
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