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Default Re: Blake Griffin throws down best NBA dunk of year on Kendrick Perkins Jan. 30, 2012

Originally Posted by Rake2204

And to be sure, the above clip isn't a dig on George. He's a great dunker. It's just helping illustrate that performing a dunk isn't as simple as completing the minimal task i.e. one player's 360 will differ from another's based on a significant number of factors. People have dunked on center's faces before, but Griffin's style is particularly eye-popping.

Yea, all 360s are definitely not equal. I wonder why VC never tried a 540 or something. Seems like prime VC could easily pull it off. Not just the dunk contest dunk, but those early toronto days when he'd do a one handed 360 on a fast break - so easy.

I think another aesthetic appeal of VC was his length - just made it look a lot better when combined with the rest of his attributes. Blake has that power and ups, but not length really. Length is a reason why I LOVE javale's dunks.
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