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Default Re: Thursday Night Expansion

The Jaguars were on MNF three times this year I think. The Dolphins had two MNF games, too. So I don't really agree with that part of your argument b/c crappy teams get SNF and MNF games anyways.

I actually like it as a fan. One more night of NFL football. If I were a player or coach, I'd probably feel like you. But even though you have the short turnaround, after the game, you get a longer break until the next game, so it goes both ways.

They should just build the schedules to where, for instance, SF shouldn't play at NE on Sunday, then turn around and have a Thur night game in Buffalo 4 days later. They should make it travel-friendly for teams who have a Thur night game. For example, have SF play at Seattle on Sunday, then have a home game Thu night.
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