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Default Re: What a difference exercise makes.

Originally Posted by Meticode
I started running 21 days ago. Out of those 21 days I've ran 14 days and was sick or resting on 7 of those. In 21 days I've lost 14.4 pounds.

It'll be interesting to see what happens the next few days because before Thursday I was running maybe 30 minutes and burning about 300 calories.

On Thursday I ran 2 hours straight with rest walking in between and burned approx 131 carbs, 825 calories in 7.25 miles. Today I ran for 2h20 minutes, burned 151 carbs, 1013 calories in 8.75 miles.

Between yesterday and today I lost 1.2 pounds. But so far everything has been awesome. When I get down to around 200 I'll probably start mixing in some strength training.

Great job on the weight loss, man. 14 and a half pounds in 3 weeks? Very impressive.

I've been looking to lose some weight, as well, as I feel that I could definitely be in better shape. I realize that you're probably not an expert on fitness, but, in your opinion, how much weight do you think a 193 lb, 6'3" guy could lose in the span of about 2 months or so?
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