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Default Re: What a difference exercise makes.

Originally Posted by SuperPippen
Great job on the weight loss, man. 14 and a half pounds in 3 weeks? Very impressive.

I've been looking to lose some weight, as well, as I feel that I could definitely be in better shape. I realize that you're probably not an expert on fitness, but, in your opinion, how much weight do you think a 193 lb, 6'3" guy could lose in the span of about 2 months or so?
It'll definitely take longer I think. I think the average weight for someone that tall as a male is probably like 170-180 probably. I'm 6'1" and should be at around 170-ish. When I get down between 200-210 I plan to do some lifting in-between some cardio to get a little bit a muscle so I hope to be between 190-200 and look pretty fit. come summer time.

To be honest though I would have no idea. I lost a lot of weight fast because I was at 238. I'm down to 223.6 right now, but a big portion of that is because I'm eating tons better now and now binging out on snack food. There were times i would eat a whole back of Oreos with milk in like 20 minutes. I've cut out all the sweets. I might have a snickers bar once a week or so, and in between meals I'll eat fresh fruit now and not chips or snacks.

The hardest part of all of this is when it comes night time. I'm a horrible eater after dinner. And eating right before you go to sleep is the worse thing you can do and I did a lot of it. I still feel this urges to eat at around 9-10 o'clock. But I've been able to control it with a few shelled walnuts and a glass of water.
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