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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Excuse me for butting in, DK would probably brand me as a Kobe basher but I really think Kobe has been "trying" to trust his teammates after the game in Denver last Jan 1. Sure he had a couple of games with less than 4 assists but 2 of them were blowouts so....

HEY.....who invited you into this Just kidding

Tam...I know your heart is in the right place and I don't brand anyone in a negative light.......well except the 2 that are no longer on takes a whole lot of evil acts to get me there.
I appreciate and respect all my Lakers brothers on here.

Yeah, Kobe doesn't want to do it all himself......but most importantly he wants to if guys won't step up......Metta, Pau, Barnes.....etc, then Kobe will fire away.

Lakerfreak......apparently your view of PROVEN and my view of proven are two different things......the guys you call proven haven't won anything......hitting a few shots in meaningless games on losing teams doesn't mean crap to me......i'm not saying they are not good players....but proven???
I mean could any of those guys take over 1 game out of 10 if we let them shoot away 20+ shots? I say no way in hell.

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