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Default Re: BTE: Joe Rogan Experience Edition

A question arises in the OP's head...

Originally Posted by Ebod;7979224
That better **** me up or I'm just a guy who drank his own piss

A question is asked... and an answer to the OP's question may have been found.

Originally Posted by Lord Wog;7979226
What kind of shrooms did you take? I"m fairly certain that it only works with Amanita muscaria's - at least thats the only mushroom I've heard of it working with.

Did op just drink his own piss for nothing?

Reality may have set in on our shroomed OP

Originally Posted by Ebod;7979248
Ohhh....... They were in pill form. You might be right.

I might just be a dude who drank his own piss for nothing

Originally Posted by monks;7979250
You drank it for science.
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