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Default Re: Anyone missing VCDrivesaPorscheToWork now?

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
I have been busy but I think I am doing a decent job compared to the other moderators on this site.

Yeah you are right. I do have a point to make though, it wont take that long to check on the forum and make a few posts every day or week. I do not believe VCDPTW's disappearance can be explained by him being busy all alone, there are definitely greater factors that drove him away.

To think about it, the Nets and Raptors forums were like the 2nd most active subforums back then, only the Lakers forum were more popular(and you know why). Raptors fans made great rivals against us back then, mostly because of VC, but most are actually respectful fans who knew what they were doing. The Knicks fans apparently are of much less quality(arrogant, delusional and psychotic, what other words can u use to describe?). The popularity of Knicks fans have made this place worse than ever, what a shame...
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