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Default Re: Jamal Crawford, new Blazer

Originally Posted by ksblazer
I've always been a fan of Jamal and it seems like he's been a good fit on this team.

As for Wallace. If the Blazers can't work out an extension for the guy, do you expect him to be getting traded off by the deadline this season?

3 to 4 1st round picks for the guy would get my attention. That said I hope they can work something out with his agent soon.

- I think Jamal has been ok. But he can also be frustrating because of his poor shot choice. Good signing that hasn't worked out as well as I hoped, but still well worth what we got him for, and certainly working out better than the Andre for Felton trade.

- I love Wallace, and would love to keep him around. But the problem is, we will likely only keep 1 of Wallace and Batum, especially since both are up for contracts. I think Portland wants Batum because he can still improve, where as Wallace has nowhere to go but down (even though he is still currently better than Batum). That said, I think we should trade Wallace if we can get a few decent picks in return, even though I would miss him a ton.

Btw, I don't think we can extend Wallace. His contract is as simple as him having a player option this summer that we have no say in, so nothing can really be discussed with his agent.
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