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Default Re: What would you do if you ran the Sixers?


1.Id tie down Thaddeus left hand 8 hours a day and make him go right. Ive still never seen him use his right hand ever.

2. Id say No 3's from Iggy

3. Id tell spencer hawes to bulk up a bit more.

Id also keep this team together for this year to see what they can do. I think the sixers are forutnate this season for a couple of reasons. In this shortened season the sixers have clear advantages.

1. Young team
2. Lots of depth
3. Do not relie on one or two players to perform night in and night out.

I think a normal nba year this team isnt going to perform as well. Eventually we would have to make a run at a superstar , so keep collecting assets to aquire that player.
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