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Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
Blake should be our point off the bench....G-Loc (my nick name for goudelock) is doing good but he is still a rookie. So yes I do see PG as out biggest hole to fix (and when we get Blake back that will help) but we could use another scorer off the bench. JR would fit that role nicely IMO. And we keep him away from the Clips.

I'm all sold on Bynum staying now. Just hope he remains healthy but the kid is our future. Another PG we can sign is Arron Brooks. He is still in China...but he is quick can hit threes and would be cheap.

And maybe we pick up Sheed?????

But you get Arron Brooks and JR....

pg - Blake Brooks Fisher G-Loc
sg - Kobe JR G-Loc Barnes
sf - Barnes Meta Puke
pf - Gasol Sheed McRob
c - Bynum Gasol McRob

Not bad if you ask me....

Isn't Brooks a restricted FA, don't the Suns have his rights, if so we may be out of the race for him, but JR is a UFA iirc, he would be great in leading the bench offensively but if he did sign with us, how long before Kobe pulls a Sprewell and chokes the $hit out of him for hogging the ball or not playing D?
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