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Default Jordan not winning yet at Lebron's age is not the same thing: STOP BRINGING IT UP

I keep hearing people say this whenever Lebron not winning a title yet comes up. Its not the same. Stop bringing it up.

1. Lebron was 26 at the end of last season, his 8th season. Jordan was 26 at the end of 1989, his 5th season. Lebron has 3 years more NBA experience and 3 more chances at the same age.
2. Jordan had never choked and shrunk for an entire series the way Lebron has the past 2 seasons.
3. Jordan's teams in his first 5 seasons never lost as the favorite nor were they as good as Lebron's teams in the past 3 seasons, ESPECIALLY last season.

Point is Lebron is NOT on Jordan's pace like people want to imply when they bring this up and he's already had monumental failures that Jordan's never had.

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