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Default Re: Jordan not winning yet at Lebron's age is not the same thing: STOP BRINGING IT UP

Originally Posted by Nevaeh
Better than "waiting" on the bench during a "weak era" before you can get a chance to Start, Amirite? You're becoming more and more bitter with age Griff.

lol if lebron came in the league behind 2 allstars at both positions he could have played... he would have rode the bench aswell

sometimes paying your dues comes in handy. it makes you work harder to improve your game. unlike those who get all the hype and all the shots handed to them from day one

16 years later kobes added dozens of moves to his game

9 years later lebrons added nothing to his game

Originally Posted by Andrei89
Kobe rode Shaq. If he was in on the Hornets...

he too had to wait for Duncan, Wade and Shaq to get a chance

lmfao kobe sha*t all over prime duncan on the regular and won titles with 29ppg at the same time

then took his team to the finals 3 straight years at a time when wade and lebron were both prime and claimed another 2 titles

kobe gets it done against any prime legend of any era

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