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Default Re: Jordan not winning yet at Lebron's age is not the same thing: STOP BRINGING IT UP

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Rookie Lebron was as good as or better than anyone on the 97 Lakers short of Shaq ever were. I doubt that is easily hidden. Kobe was raw. Lebron was never that. He was raw compared to what he is now. He wasnt just....a rookie finding his way.

Kobe wasnt starting because he wasnt very good. He was talented and great one on one. But he wasnt just....a really good player.

scoring wise maybe. but your forgetting that eddie jones was a 2nd team all defender

and even if lebron was better. he would still be forced to come off the bench just out of respect for the other guy

you have to earn your spot. especially on a winning team with expectations. if the coach started lebron over jones and they lost. everyone would have blamed the coach and said "LA would have won if they started jones"

i'm not saying a rookie kobe is as good as a rookie lebron... lebron was clearly better because he had an nba ready body

fact is lebron would not have started on a contender with allstars infront of him
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