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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

You post proved nothing more than the fact you listen to the media.

I think I clash with you guys alot because I refuse to lie to my own eyes. You guys, most of which have a pretty good amount of basketball knowledge, can watch the Knicks regularly. You'll see Jared Jeffries stink the place up, but because Al Trautwig or Jon Barry or somebody tells you "he can guard 5 positions", you regurgitate that bullshit. You are absolutely blind if you honestly think Jared Jeffries can guard 5 positions. Jared Jeffries draws charges. That it.He's good for 2 a game. Other than that,he's getting mandhandled almost any time we play a team with a low post player. If he was such a great defender,we wouldnt have had to go get Chandler.If you wanna blow smoke up your own ass and tell yourself Jeffries good... go right ahead. If you wanna tell yourself he can guard 5 positions. Go right ahead.

However, I know what I see on the court and no way in hell is Jared Jeffries better than Telfair or anybody for that matter. How is his offense better than Telfairs when he is unguarded every game and gets wide open looks yet Telfair averages more than him in 7 less minutes. You say Telfair cant shoot and cant play D but be many Suns games have you watched all year? Is he a gr8 shooter? No but I'll take his 38% from 3 point range over Jared Jeffries 69% from the FT line. Jeffries shoots point blank shots with little to no defense yet he's only shooting 34%.

If you honestly believe the BS your saying, I really would rather not continue this conversation. Nothing about getting 4 points and 3 rebounds in 20 minutes of play is "terrific". It's not about him being a scorer. It's about him not producing and getting SIGNIFICANT minutes. The 13 minutes Telfair gets is damn near garbage time. 20+ minutes is quality burn. Jeffries is inept on both ends of the court. You yourself were JUST saying how he should only be on the court for a few minutes, but now all of a sudden, because he has a good game or two, that goes out the window? It's this type kneejerk nonsense that makes NY fans intolerable sometimes. Something could happen for months, but a guy could do something in one game and his reputation completely does a 180. Same with Jeremy Lin. Just last month, everyone wanted him gone, now he has 2 really good games against mediocre opponents and he's the saviour. Am I happy for him and do I hope he continues his solid play? Absolutely. That doesnt mean that I just completely forget about the game where he airballed a layup. Or the Sac game where he looked like the nerds in my HS gym class.Not if I'm going to call myself a die hard basketball fan and claim to have knowledge about the game. I call it like it is....not how it appears to be at the time.
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