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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by 9512
MJ did mention that he wanted to walk away knowing he could still play. but it doesn't indicate what standard he uses as a definition he could still play. MJ didnt say he wouldnt be a role player either.

Umm... the guy says that a real athlete and a baller would play as long as possible. No amount of hair splitting is going to make his point not call MJ a bitch for quitting early twice. So basically MJ was a coward the first two times he quit... and maybe even his third retirement since I think he was still better than Ray Allen is today when he finally quit. See this is what happens to haters when they come up with an opinion first and try to make up facts to support is after the fact.

Lets look at you for example. Kobe's a stat padder for wanting to quit early? Do you know what stat padding is? Oh you mean averages? You do know why MJ's averages are so high right compared to guys like Kareem right? Just think about it for a minute there. It's ok to hate Kobe, just try not to be so simple about it. Hey, he's still a rapist right!? You've always got that to fall back on! If that fails you can always enjoy watching your Seattle Super... oh wait... sorry there bud. Almost forgot. lol
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