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Default Re: As seasons go by, 81 points will not be touched in modern day basketball.

Originally Posted by pauk
I agree...... i dont see anybody else who would chuck 50 FGA in a game (probably even more than 50 FGA if you dont get 20 freethrows like Kobe did) and alienate your teammates the entire game and stay in the game to milk the thing out when the game is a blowout lateron aswell....

Lol @ "alienating" his teamates.

Kwame: 1-5

Odom: 1-7

Mihm: 5-8

Smush: 5-11 (1 for 5 from 3)

George: 0-4

Sasha: 1-3

Would you keep passing them the ball when your down 14 at half?

I mean unless you think that the beast known as Chris Mihm could have continued his historic shooting night?

Kobe: 28 for 46, 18 of 20 from the line, 7-13 from 3. Thats pretty damn efficient

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