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Default Re: 2013 All-Star game to be hosted by Houston

Originally Posted by Cowboy Thunder
Year Location
2011 Los Angeles
2010 Dallas
2009 Phoenix
2008 New Orleans
2007 Las Vegas
2006 Houston
2005 Denver
2004 Los Angeles
2003 Atlanta
2002 Philadelphia
2001 Washington
2000 Oakland
1998 New York
1997 Cleveland
1996 San Antonio
1995 Phoenix
1994 Minneapolis
1993 Salt Lake City
1992 Orlando
1991 Charlotte
1990 Miami
1989 Houston
1988 Chicago
1987 Seattle
1986 Dallas
1985 Indianapolis
1984 Denver
1983 Los Angeles
1982 New Jersey
1981 Cleveland
1980 Washington

2015 - Oklahoma City

San Antonio hasn't had one since Duncan has been around. Should have had one by now. I think any place should have an allstar game when that team has an elite top tier player in the league in there prime. Orlando now has Dwight so this year makes sense. Last year the Lakers had Kobe and in 2004 they had Shaq and Kobe. 2006 the Rockets had Tmac. 2002 had Iverson, 1988 had MJ in Chicago, 1989 had Hakeem in Houston, 1995 had Barkley in Phoenix, 1993 had Malone/Stockton in Utah, 2008 had CP3 in NOLA.
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