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Default Re: Kobe Playoff vs. Finals Scoring During Title Years

Originally Posted by TheFrozenOne
Yes...kobe haterz xpect Kobe to win every year....after going to 3 straight Finals they bashed him for losing to the NBA Champions

after all going to 4 straight Finals happens all the time....

No, just stating fact. MJ would have murdered Kidd...especially the AARP version. Would've killed him. And you Kobe fans would have just said, "His numbers are overrated. He only went up against 40 year old midgets".

Kobe goes out with two straight 17 point games while watching his team get blown out of the gym. His last statement to the Mavs was a 17 point, 3 reb, 2 ast, 5 turnover game while his team gets beat by 36 points! All while being guarded primarily by someone collecting social security checks.
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