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Default Re: Kobe chooses Lebron as the player he would like to team up with..

Originally Posted by G-Funk
"Kobe is a guest on 710 ESPN Max and Marcellus show right now. They asked him if he could team up with 1 player in the league for the next 3 years who would it be. He said Lebron. He said Lebron is a facilitator and he is a scorer."

I didnt hear the interview itself but in their prime kobe and lebron would have been the best perimeter duo this league has ever seen(even better than pippen and jordan).Unlike wade,lebron's and kobe's game compliment each other.Lebron doesnt have huge ego so in clutch they would compliment each other very well too.Let lebron handle the ball if there is opening let him drive or let him find kobe and let kobe finish the game.Actually defensively i think kobe in his prime was a much better one on one defender than wade.Offensively kobe's %fg would skyrocket with lebron with him and lebron already high %fg would be around %60.
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