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Default Re: Who's the softest player in the NBA?

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
It's being a coward. I've seen it happen with friends, tons of situations. Hitting a person who doesn't expect and than taking off is a bitch move. Happens all the time. Half the people that do it .. say themselves it's a bitch move. Sometimes emotions get the better of people and that's the result and that's fine but still doesn't make it not a bitch move.

It's not a fight. It's just hitting somebody. A fight is when two people who are both willingly ready to throw down go at it.

As someone who has both done that, and had it done to me, I can tell you from experience it's a natural reaction when you are in a crowd/brawl. One on one fights are totally different from punching someone with an angry group of people around. You can call it cowardice if you want, but it is a normal human reaction.
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