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Default Re: Lakers lose to the sixers: 90-95

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Yeah the fact that Rondo is a horrible shooter scares me I would have to pass. Nash....oh man, I would love love LOVE for us to get him, I think he has 3 more years....yeah I know he's old but he takes great care of himself....and he can go to Germany with Kobe in the offseason........I'd bet Nash at 42 would be better than Fish the last 4 years.......and yeah, he can go out when Kobe goes out for sure

The way I am seeing it, Fisher has been a terrible shooter this season, but has still been significantly lacking other areas that Rondo brings to this team, and with Fisher as a starter, we are still above .500, So I believe bringing Rondo in will still dramatically improve us. We'll just have to find other ways to get the shooters going. And hey, at least Rondo can still hit a HUGE clutch shot here and there. Right?
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