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Default Re: Sale of Atlanta Hawks hits snag in October

When it comes to NBA franchise profitability, my knowledge is lacking. Is there a Forbes listing or something along those lines that would rank the teams in the league in terms of most profitable to least?

I'd be really curious to see where the Hawks land on such a list. Actually, I found one (dated 01/25/12).

Atlanta Hawks Ranked # 23 out of 30 Teams

I thought they would be somewhere amongst the bottom tier, but they're not in the cellar either (Memphis/Minnesota/Milwaukee). I suppose if you're a NBA franchise and your home city begins with a 'M' - you're not making bank LOL.

Going back to the Hawks, value of franchise is right under 300 million. I think one unique dynamic about the Hawks is their average fan. I'm not trying to knock fans in ATL, but they seem to be quite the fair weather type. Even after the Hawks became successful, even consistently, they seemed to not be at their potential.

Let's compare them to the fans in Sacramento; in terms of 'average' fan. We know there are diehard fans of any and all teams regardless of market or other conditions, but look at how the average fan of the Kings supports their team. Back when the Kings were at their best in franchise history in the early 2000's, it was evident the loyalty, buzz, passion, interest in their team.

Looking at the Atlanta Hawks, when have their fans ever really had that type of passion? Even going back to the glory days of Dominique Wilkins, it doesn't seem like their fans have really been behind their team like many other teams, even in much smaller markets.

Looking at the Falcons and Braves, it seems a similar pattern occurs. I just think with the recent and consistent success of the Hawks, there would be much more interest and support. They have Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, etc. - a very competitive roster, so what gives? If the Hawks had a legit superstar, would that really change anything.

If you replace Joe Johnson and Josh Smith with say Chris Paul and Blake Griffin - it would obviously automatically make ATL more interesting, but IDK that the impact would be all that significant.

Step your game up Hawks fans! I live up here in North Carolina, and if Charlotte had the market size of ATL and a team that was year-after-year in the post season, I assure you the Bobcats would be considered one of the more 'fan favorite' teams in the entire league.

I don't know why I'm so interested in this topic... but for the past half a decade this enigma has bothered me, and I'm not even a Hawks fan.
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