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Default Re: Resident Evil 6 Announced.

Originally Posted by SayTownRy
probably gonna hafta get on revelations. the demo was quality.

definitely worth it huh?
Yes, it's very good. It's broken out into chapters that play like TV episodes. You have the main story, and then it goes to a side story (something that happened prior), then back to the main story. When you go back, it says "LAST TIME ON RESIDENT EVIL" and shows you highlights. The control is fine (without the circle pad thingee), the atmosphere and such is great (its so loud and the music and sound affects kick ass). there are sounds in the background and later on you'll find out what it is.

It's a very good game, possibly the best game so far on the 3DS and this is coming from someone who thought the Zelda game and Mario were awesome.
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