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Default Re: Eurolegue Top 16: Week 4

Originally Posted by brownmamba00
what a chokejob from teodosic

Josh Shipp just dropped 22 on his overrated ass while making the gamewinning free throws

I don't recall Teodosic guarding Shipp on a single possession in the entire game.

The overrated CSKA player is Kirilenko. Of course, he is a very good player, but he's obviously overrated by NBA and even most Euroleague fans. The overwhelming claim is that he's the best player in Europe, but he isn't.

He's just the same exact player he was with the Jazz, and nothing more than that. He's not capable of leading teams. CSKA looked noticeably different without Khryapa to run their sets from the Soviet high post offense.

Kirilenko is still a stat stuffer, but he just isn't a true leader, or top level scorer.

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