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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by niko
i liked Plax but he was always a problem, and never was a top level receiver. The Giants were looking at him as a third receiver type. The Jets got him as a starter. The problem with Plax is he is a frontrunner, and he needs a strong QB personality. Plax is not a bad guy, but he's dumb, and he's a follower, and for the Jets to put him with Holmes was beyond stupid.

at the beginning of the year people were telling me he's going to catch 80 balls and 12 td's, etc. Plax couldn't do that on his best year.

Plax was a pretty good wideout in his prime but now he's like 35.. He's just a jump ball/endzone threat at this stage of his career and he's bad locker room guy.
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