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Default Re: What really irks me about Fisher

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Honestly, many 2nd round players have started before. I don't see why it would be such a big sin to bench Fisher. First Phil Jackson liked having Fish in there, and now Mike Brown likes having him in. Is there something that they see that we do not? Sure we watch him on the TV like most do. However, i am referring to Derek's professionalism, which has been undeniably irreplaceable. Is that honestly making a big difference in some of these tough games? Why the hell is he starting? Im not asking this question to downplay Fisher or anything. I think we all agree that we love Fish. I do genuinely want to know, what is he doing, that is still making him a starter over much more energetic guys?

It's obviously for certain reasons.

1) He wants to win as much as Kobe.
2) He's the vocal leader of the team.
3) He wants to keep his record going for games started - yet he wont be able to pass A.C. Green
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