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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by knickballer
So just because he's not outspoken and a generally nice guy he's a "derp"

What's wrong about saying the right things, being a role model and being a leader? Not to mention he has ice in his veins and he doesn't give one shit what people think of him. Just remeber a couple of season ago people where calling Eli a bust, people were ripping him in NY and he just went out and won a superbowl.
I don't give a shit what people in NY say about him, a good 75% of NY sports fans are blowhard morons.

And it's not because he's reserved and a nice guy. It's because he honestly comes off as fairly dumb and lacking in any off the cuff social skills in basically any public setting to me. No one said he's a shitty QB, he's a great one, and that's all that matters.
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