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Default Re: What really irks me about Fisher

Originally Posted by lakersNUMBA1
It's obviously for certain reasons.

1) He wants to win as much as Kobe.
2) He's the vocal leader of the team.
3) He wants to keep his record going for games started - yet he wont be able to pass A.C. Green

Hey, its fine to want to win. Everyone wants to win some games at least so they dont look bad. If Fisher truly wants to win, then he knows that him shooting 7 contested shots against the celtics, all misses by the way, will not help this team win.

Derek does not need to be a starter to be the vocal leader of this team. Most of the "inspirational leading" comes during halftime and timeouts.

If your third reason is true, then thats just stupid for Derek because it would be the most irrelevant and defaulted record ever. We have no other PG, of course he would be starting.
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