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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

UConn (men's basketball) has been barred from playing in the 2013 Tournament because of bad APR scores. The NCAA has made an example out of the Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball team. UConn tried to penalize themselves by proposing alternate penalties, including playing a shorter schedule next season, forfeiting the revenue awarded to the Big East for participating in the 2013 tournament, and banning Jim Calhoun from meeting off-campus with prospective recruits during the fall 2012 contact period. Nice try UConn because you are now banned from the NCAA tournament for the 2013 season.

According to the NCAA rules put into place in the month of October, “a school must have a two-year average score of 930 or a four-year average of 900 on the NCAA’s annual Academic Progress Rate, which measures the academic performance of student athletes.”

Connecticut’s men’s basketball scored 826 for the 2009-10 school year. UConn’s score for the 2010-11 school year is expected to be about 975. The combined two-year score of their basketball team would give the Huskies a 900.5, and a four-year average of 888.5, but those numbers will not be enough to get them over the hump. If these rules were in place UConn would have never would have won the tournament because they wouldn’t have been in the tournament in 2011.

Plus there is talk about some players leaving early because of this move by the NCAA and there is talk about this hurting our landing top players. I am on the fence with this one. If the players leave, it is probably for a good reason other than the NCAA ruling. And if players don't come to UConn, it hurts. But it let's you know what kind of player we would have been dealing with anyway at UConn.
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