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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I don't give a shit what people in NY say about him, a good 75% of NY sports fans are blowhard morons.

And it's not because he's reserved and a nice guy. It's because he honestly comes off as fairly dumb and lacking in any off the cuff social skills in basically any public setting to me. No one said he's a shitty QB, he's a great one, and that's all that matters.
He doesn't come across as stupid, he's very well spoken. And he's been in the league 7 years, in that time you'd have heard him enough that calling him stupid strikes me as excessive. Especially coming from an Indy fan who probably heard similar unfair things about their QB at times and about his personality. Aloof? Even confused at times? But stupid, no.

My 2 cents.
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