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Default Re: Interesting Trade Idea

Originally Posted by Robster89
Saw this elsewhere.
It actually makes some sense.

According to Wojo (who is highly respected), the original Houston package is still available to the Lakers for Pau. (Martin, Scola, Dragic and the first rounder from the Knicks).
(I'd actually take that deal if I were the Lakers right now, but the proposal I saw was this):

The Lakers keep Scola and flip Martin, Dragic and the first rounder to Phoenix for Nash.

So the Lakers essentially trade Pau for Scola and Nash.

Houston does the original deal (which they still have on the table supposedly), and get Gasol.

Phoenix trades Nash for Martin, Dragic and a first rounder.
Phoenix needs a SG who can score, and Martin has a contract which will expire after next year. For a team who is in rebuilding mode, that contarct could be very valuable. They also get Dragic back, who could start for them at PG, and a pick which could be in the lottery. Nash expires this season, and they are going nowhere. Do they really want him back if they need to rebuild?

The Lakers could add a future first rounder if necessary, and maybe try to get Lopez coming over to back up the 5. (Phoenix has Gortat as their primary 5).


I'm also hearing that the Nets believe they can sign Dwight outright in the offseason, without having to give anything up, which significantly lowers the Magic's bargaining power. A team who trades for Dwight before March 15 inherits his Bird rights, so can offer a 5 year deal with 7.5% annual raises as opposed to a 4 year deal with 4.5% raises for a "new" team he may choose to simply sign with as a FA.

So maybe Bynum, MWP, Barnes and a pick for Dwight and Hedo (as long as we had assurances that he will resign with us) may not be too far fetched after all.

I'd also offer Luke (who does expire after next season) and maybe Fish or Blake, along with a first rounder, to the Bucks for SJax.
Getting SJax also helps you get and keep Dwight.

1- Nash, Fish/Blake/GLoc
2- Kobe, Kopono
3- SJax, Hedo
4- Scola, McBob, Murphy
5- Dwight, Lopez

Plus we'd still have the TE.
I like the Nash, Scola idea. Im not sure the latter part is realistic tho. but hey, if they can get Dwight, then so be it.
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