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Default Re: Anderson Varejao has fracture in right wrist

Originally Posted by frmsea2okc
This team looks like it's certainly on the up and up in the next few years but I think Anderson getting hurt is GOOD. obviously not for him but a late lottery pick while great in this years draft is not an all star. If Cleveland loses enough, probably will without Andy (kyrie rookie wall?) They could get a legit wing.
Imagine they sign harden/Gordon to a max and draft mkg, Harrison Barnes, Jeremy lamb or Perry Jones. Not to mention two early second round picks this year (basically 25-30 in any other draft)
Best case scenario
Irving/marquis teague
Varejao/fab melo
^^^That's what I'm saying.

I would never root for an injury and this absolutely sucks for Andy, because he was opening eyes around the country... And, it sucks for Cavs fans in the short-term, because we don't get to see this guy play night-in and night-out for a while.

However, we may look back years from now and see this as something that needed to happen for the franchise to get the guy that they really needed at the wing.

MKG is the guy that I targeted early this season and there was simply no way that we are going to be in the running to get him with Varejao and Kyrie being healthy together for an entire season. Now, I could see it happening.

And, yeah... If we don't get MKG, Barnes/Lamb/Jones wouldn't be a bad consolation prize. The point is, this draft is so loaded, you don't need the top pick to get a franchise altering piece. But, you do sort of need a lottery pick... Preferably top 10.

Also, hopefully we are able to move Sessions for another first-rounder, which could go even further in building this young team.
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