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Default Re: How did we go from the playoffs two years ago, to unquestionable bottom-feeders?

I suppose it all began with picking Adam Morrison back in 2006.
He's probably the worst lottery pick in the year, and now somewhere playing in Europe.

Then I think we traded for Jason Richardson that ate up about $13 million of cap space.

Later on Jordan hired Sam Vincent and the end result was another disaster.

Then of course, trading Jason Richardson for Boris Diaw and Raja Bell, which was a great move until Diaw underperforms every year.

We traded for Denver's 20th pick and the end result is, I don't know where that player is now.

Then we had the chance drafting Brook Lopez, and this time MJ was fairly certain in drafting him, but Larry Brown took the call and selected DJ.

And Larry Brown found us Diop for Carroll.

Then somehow we ended up trading Tyson Chandler away for cap space and Carroll.

Now Diop and Carroll are expensive units who can't play shait.

We resigned Tyrus Thomas for a truck load of money, yet he's not performing well enough, much like his tenure in Chicago.

I think if all of you ignore the past and see this season as the founding season it'll feel much better.

One more thing, I always believe the draft lottery is a grand conspiracy.
It'll be very interesting on which pick we have on the lottery day.
If we fall below top 3, call the FBI.
Just look at the past lottery results,
2010: Wizards - won 1st pick with 10% chance
76ers - won 2nd pick with "6%" chance
the worst 2010 team the Nets ended up with the 4th pick.

2009: Grizzles - won 2nd pick with 8.3% chance
Kings and Wizards the worst two teams of 09 season fell to 4th and 5th picks respectively. Not even top 3.

2008: Bulls won 1st pick with "1.7%".

2007: Seattle won 2nd pick with 9.7%
Portland won 1st pick with 5.3%.
THE WORST 3 TEAMS GOT 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

I'm not going any further because 4 straight years of unusual data I think is enough.

You tell me if this is all normal.
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