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Default Re: Trade for Blake/Iggy

Originally Posted by Cards1978
I would get Blake, Iggy, and Landry

I would give Monroe, Anderson, and Boozer

Can you get someone else for Landry (I'm assuming this is Carl Landry)? I wouldn't do that deal personally but I play mostly roto or points leagues --- but if you're tanking FT%, TO's and 3's, it makes a lot of sense for you except that Landry is the weakest link in the trade.

Monroe has been a beast overall this year for efficiency and steals, Anderson is elite for efficiency and 3's, and Boozer has surprisingly played well.

Here is BBall Monster's breakdown of your trade based on weighted values:

(+) 2.0 Vx assists, 0.8 Vx blocks,
(-) 0.6 Vx pts, 2.3 Vx 3's, 1.3 Vx Reb, 0.8 Vx steals, 0.6 Vx FG%, 5.7 Vx FT%, 1.7 Vx TO's

Based on performance so far this season, you're only gaining in assists and blocks. Even if you throw out FT%, TO's and 3's, you're still giving up value in pts, reb, steals, FG%.

It would be a marginal value loss for you (throwing out your tank cats) but a huge value gain for the other team if he's counting all the cats. I would squeeze more value out of him. As someone else said, Scola instead of Landry maybe?
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