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Default Re: Interesting Trade Idea

The first one definitely looks good on paper. I just don't know how Kobe will do though if he were to go from the primary ball-handler to secondary. I think that has always been a question. We have not seen Kobe NOT be the primary ball-handler throughout his career. Maybe the first couple seasons, but that did not really count very much when he was averaging single digit points. As great as Nash is with getting everyone involved, etc, he also has a major weakness: defense..

Then there is always the age factor. How long does he realistically have in the nba? longer than Pau? probably not.. I like Nash but it is just a tough nail to bite right now to pull such a big deal off. Remember - defense is currently an issue from our PGs just as much as the lack of consistency. Will Nash do anything to change that defensive image of our pg??
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