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Originally Posted by franchize
Sorry to be a negative Norm but I still don't like our bench. Maybe it's because I see Shumpert as a starter. I've been clamoring for Novak and Jordan to get more playing time. I don't like Bibby,Jeffries, I'm losing faith in Walker, I'd liek to see if Balkman has anything to offer.
There should be at least a 10 to 11 man rotation during the season but as the playoffs approaches D'Antoni has to define roles and minutes.

I do believe Shump should be starting but I dont think Fields could handle coming off the bench and being depended upon to be a major player for the 2nd unit.

I also think Jordan needs to spell Chandler as well even if its just to foul. Balkman its harder because the Knicks have too many small forwards already.

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