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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by kobesabi
We could have gotten him for dirt cheap...

This makes me wonder who in the Lakers not doing their homework? Who was asleep on the job?

I agree with you 100% We were asleep at the wheel again.
He was available because most teams in the NBA are very solid at the PG position....2 or 3 deep. The only teams who are in desperate need at that position are the Lakers and him being released is extremely misleading.

I wasn't even aware he was available this year until I heard he was sent to the D-League. My reaction was WTF is that guy doing in that league, he's better than that, if anything, we should've signed him and tried him out in the D-League. That was my reaction before his hot streak.......I had no feeling that he would ever do what he is doing now....but with as desperate a need as we have I would be bringing in everyone with NBA experience.
I thought Lin did enough last year to show that he belonged in the NBA.....but of course with Monta and Steph.....GS was the worst place for him to be....they had no use for him.
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