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Default Playoff teams that got a bad draw/drew the short straw

Sometimes, when you want to win in the playoffs, who you draw is an important factor along with how you play and how you're looking going into the playoffs.

What are some instances you recall of playoff teams drawing the short straw and getting a bad draw or tougher road?

Two that came to my mind:

2002 Blazers- Finished 6th in the West standings, one game behind Minnesota. Had they caught them, they would have avoided the Lakers (who swept them) and instead would have faced the Mavericks (who they took to seven games a year later).

2006 Grizzlies- Battled Clippers to avoid 60-win Dallas in round 1 and instead draw a Denver team that, though they won their division, had a worse record than both. They got swept by Dallas. Don't think that would have happened if they face Denver.
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