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Default Re: Replace McGrady in Houston with LeBron from '04-'09

Originally Posted by Kiarip
that was really his only poorly played play-off series. the other 4 that he played he was pretty damn good.
Nobody is talking about Orlando Tmac, just Houston Tmac.

brb getting shut down by 6'1 Derek Fisher
brb shooting below 50% TS%
brb blowing a 3-2 lead in a series.
brb having shitty leadership qualities and no intangibles
brb never getting past the 1st round
brb getting laughed at for being a 2nd round virgin.

We all know that Lebron has also had poor play-off series...
If you think LeBron ever had as bad of a playoff series as Tmac did in '07 and '08 then you are kidding yourself.
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