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Default Re: What would you do if you ran the Sixers?

Originally Posted by el gringos
You already have the assets to do that- hawes + vucevic + nocioni for Amare (+j jordan)

Hawes is on that one year deal and the Knicks already have chandler at center. Plus i doubt the knicks trade away amare within the division.

I like how Iggy is fitting in line with his pippenesque roll on the team, but we need someone to carry the load. If we had a premier talent we would've won that clippers game, but no one wanted to put the team on their back.

Right now we have some great depth at all positions

Jrue Lou
meeks turner
iggy thad
brand lavoy
hawes vucevic that is a legit 10 players who are goiing to get double digit minutes for us. Out of that group who do you part with? Personally i include turner in any deal for a legit 2guard or power forward that can help this team.
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