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Default Re: Replace McGrady in Houston with LeBron from '04-'09

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12

This got me thinking in that Tmac, 2nd round thread. Tmac was the ultimate loser that pretty much wasted most of Yao's career in Houston. Yao was better off never playing with Tmac.

LeBron also never got to play with an elite offensive post player like Yao was. I mean who was LeBron's best post-player in Cleveland? Jamison? Big Z? LeBron was kind of wasted in Cleveland on that part. I always thought that LeBron needed a post-scorer and Jamison was never the answer to that question although Jamison in '10 was better than anything he ever had.

Now lets replace Tmac in Houston with LeBron from '04-'09. The only reason why I stopped at '09 opposed to '10 is because that was pretty much the last season Yao and Tmac were playing for Houston.

So from the '04-'05 season to the '08-'09 season. How do you think the duo of LeBron James and Yao Ming would have fared?

I think they would have won the championship in '08-'09 for sure though. I'm not so positive about the other seasons.

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