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Default Re: Rondo with a huge game- 32 points, 10 rebounds 15 assists

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
He's good more often than not. The way LA defends him with Bryant has given him problems since the last Finals' series. Plus as an open-court player his effectiveness is the most tied-in to the defense, when the team gets stops and pushes tempo he looks like the best pg in the league but if the other team gets baskets and he has to walk it uphe comes down closer to earth.
Rondo is a bawse. RMG sorry I doubted him/you! The line he put up tonight is just
In Rondo we trust

Rondo is athletically superior to every other pg in the league won't be long now till that jumper gets wet. And over the last 6months this guy has been overcoming injuries, think of dwill and Paul how sh!t they were when they came back from injuries Rondo is going through exact same thing and look what he produces today.

There are only a couple of point guards in the league that can produce a stat line like this and both their last names start with "R"

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