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Default The BEAST that is Kevin Love

Kevin Love vs Sumo Wrestler -- ESPN Sport Science

That's not why I made this thread though. Just did some research on the season he's having, needless to say it's VERY impressive. Dude has topped TD in so many offensive categories in the very best seasons Timmy ever had. As a starter he's shot an outstanding .386% from 3-pt range....and considering his volume ft shooting and offensive rebounds, I wonder why Timmy has NEVER reached the totals that love, the guy who apparently 'strays away from the hoop too much', is already doing (that's not to take anything away from Duncan, who was obviously a better player in his prime). Just sayin'.

Love is also 2nd in Nba history in career rebound Dennis Rodman, the greatest rebounder of alltime. In addition, he's 7th alltime in offensive rebound %, only Rodman and Moses Malone (best offensive rebounder ever) are the allstar level guys ahead of him. Love is 2nd alltime in offensive rebound % among legitimate scoring threats, to Moses Malone.

There is a little more to offense than the variety of moves one player has. Love gets RESULTS. Those who are doubting his greatness do not understand the game, period.
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