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Default Kobe, DeStevenson, Arenas and magical growth hormones.

...Stevenson underwent the same therapy Kobe Bryant swears by.

The blood-spinning treatment involves removal of a athlete's blood, spinning it into a growth hormone-rich plasma that is then injected back into his knee twice a day. "I don't feel none any of that swelling. None of that," he said. "It was very expensive, but it was worth it. The Nets took care of my right knee and I took care of my left knee -- $12,000 apiece.

"Probably 2004 (was the last time my knees felt this good)," added Stevenson. "Yeah, my knees feel real, real, real good."
good to hear he'll be back soon. actually this was pretty interesting stuff for me since i had assumed kobe in particular would be all but finished this season with his bone-on-bone, zero-cartilage knees.

now along comes this magic bullet at the last minute to save kobe's and others careers.

must be nice to be rich, which also makes it all the more odd to hear a multi-millionaire almost complaining about the cost of a $24,000 procedure to totally rejuvenate his knees.

hey, desean- are you like macauley culkin? your parents manage the millions and give you $200 a week to live on? just curious.
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