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Default Re: Playoff teams that got a bad draw/drew the short straw

I mentioned the 1999 Magic.

That tiebreaker situation would have been moot if they don't blow this game to the Lakers:

Consider how different the playoffs would have been in the East.

What we got
(1) Miami vs. (8) New York
(2) Indiana vs. (7) Milwaukee
(3) Orlando vs. (6) Philadelphia
(4) Atlanta vs. (5) Detroit

What we would have gotten if Orlando doesn't choke this game:

(1) Orlando vs. (8) New York
(2) Miami vs. (7) Milwaukee
(3) Indiana vs. (6) Philadelphia
(4) Atlanta vs. (5) Detroit

That would have altered the Knicks, Heat, and Magic playoff fates that year:

New York- They hated Miami with a passion. Would they have been able to get up for Orlando?

Miami- Does that team do any playoff damage if they get a playoff neophyte Milwaukee instead of their bitterest enemy?

Orlando- The road to the NBA Finals would have run through their state- and they would have faced a Knick team that got up for their Sunshine State neighbor.

Trust me, it's a lot bigger than a simple flip-flopping of seeds. That would have altered the entire NBA Playoffs picture of 1999!

Do the Knicks even get out of round 1 (for the record, Orlando swept them that season)? How do the Magic/Heat fare against different opposition?

How would this have affected the NBA Finals? Do the Spurs still win a title?

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