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Default Re: Is Utah shopping Al Jefferson?

no Rondo deals, please

I'd take Rondo. Doubt Ainge wants Jefferson back though.

I think Al will stick around this season, but will be traded in the offseason.

Why wait? Do it now and get Favors and Kanter more time down the stretch.

The Jazz need a PG who can run pick and roll, who can set up teammates, especially bigs, and who can throw alley-oop passes to one of the many leapers on this team.

Tinsley. Only reason I can see Harris playing is because they are shopping him but he might be more valuable as a trade asset on the bench than showing everyone how much he sucks.

Basically, if Earl Watson was 23 instead of 33, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Harris would be traded away for a bag of magic beans and Earl would run the point.

I'd think they'd trade Harris for a bag of beans now. Doubt they've been offered even that.

The Jazz would use the Okur TPE to get a SG, and that'd be it.

Don't count on it. That would put them over the cap again.

if Utah were offered maybe 1-2 1st Rounders for Millsap, do you think they'd move him?

They might but I sure wouldn't. They need to get a young pg. That's one pick which they probably already have depending on how they and GS finish the season.

Im sure some teams remember that stretch where he was putting up nearly 20/10 for awhile maybe 2 years ago working effectively on the Pick & Roll.

3 years ago with Boozer out.

Like you mentioned above, if Utah did get a better Pick & Roll PG, he'd probably come close to those numebrs again.

Didn't last year with Deron but that was because of the stupid deal to get Jefferson in the first place.

they have their own first rounder this year.

Not if they somehow make the playoffs. Than it would go to Minny in the Jefferson heist.

I would do that in a heartbeat. Would OKC agree to it?


Robin Lopez for Al Jefferson straight deal.

Phoenix is more than 10 million under the cap?

I was just throwing out a hypothetical of the type of player the Jazz should go for.

Wouldn't it be nice if the hypothetical players and deals were out there to be had.

Give us your draft pick for this season and we'll pull the trigger.

I wouldn't. Jefferson has one more year on his deal. Boozer would send Millsap to the bench and they'd be stuck with his sorry ass contract and injury prone/non defensive ways for years to come.
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